Organising a family photo shoot is great fun. It is a fantastic way to bring the whole family together and not only this, it is also means that you can capture some special memories that you can treasure for a lifetime.

The thing about family photoshoots that we are asked is what should we wear? To help you to plan those picture perfect outfits, we have put together what you should wear for your family photoshoot. 

You should be comfortable

Whilst you are not going to be expected to dance around and stand on your head, there is a good chance that your photographer will ask you to stand, lie down, crouch or sit on the floor. This means that one of the most important things for you to be, is comfortable. Don’t wear something that is overly tight, or that restricts your movement, as believe us this won’t feel great. 

You should feel confident

When you are having a photoshoot done, you are going to want to feel your very best. When you feel confident and happy, then the shots that the photographer are going to be able to get will be much better. This means that you should aim to wear something that you feel great in, that you put on and instantly feel amazing and that you want to show off. 

Consider a theme, but never match

We have all seen family photoshoots where the family members are all dressed exactly the same. For some this may sound cute, but in actual fact it comes across as a little on the cringey side and should be avoided. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to disregard having some kind of theme as sometimes this can help to bring you all together and makes for the ideal seasonal shot. 

Try not to have too bright a colour or pattern

It is great to want to stand out during your photoshoot and to create a bold and bright shot. However, you don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb or distract away from the rest of the family. A good idea is to try and avoid having anything on which is too brightly coloured or features a bright pattern. This can be overwhelming, particularly if the rest of your family are wearing pastels or lighter shades. 

Big Family Portrait
Grandparents with grandkids

It is a good idea to discuss with the rest of your family what they are planning on wearing for the photoshoot. This will help you to think about what you might want to wear and if you have any form of pattern emerging. 

No matter what you wear for your photoshoot, the important thing to remember is that it is not something that is worthwhile getting stressed about. The entire process is supposed to be fun and is supposed to get you all smiling. So, rather than spending time worrying about what you are going to wear, instead think about how much fun you are going to have, being reunited with those who are most special to you.