The western world has been celebrating on the 14th of February for centuries, chocolates, flowers a romantic meal and now you could surprise that someone special with a gift voucher for a photo shoot.

You Should say it everyday

In England we have a certain reputation for a stiff upper lip, but we should say I love you to that special person everyday. I think that a beautiful portrait or desktop framed print of the one you love is a great way to remind you how much you care.

Regardless of age or how long you have been together having a timeless photograph of you as a couple or just the object of your desire is a great experience. The perfect way to take a special moment and freeze it for all time.

More than words

We are all a little guilty of letting life get in the way. Sometimes we need to sit back and relax, take a moment and look at what we have around us. Valentines day isn’t just for young couples, what about the unconditional love we have for our kids.

So this valentines day, buy the voucher, book your shoot. Then have a great portrait together and if you want to include those little people then throw in a couple of family portraits too.