The Surprise Gift

A very proud mum contacted us recently to book a Photoshoot Package as a gift for her son, Alex who had just got engaged. She made us made aware that Alex uses a wheelchair which needed to be incorporated in the shoot. She knew that her son and fiancee would not be very willing to have a photoshoot if they knew in advance. So, she booked our Print Weekday Package and told them on the morning of the shoot what she had planned. An engagement shoot of the happy couple and family shoot with their 2 daughters. As they were at her house in Tamworth, and not dressed for the occasion, they drove back home to Derby to get changed – but forget their house keys! Therefore had to make a dash to the shops to get new outfits.

The Shoot

When they arrived at the studio, needless to say they were recovering from the stress of sorting outfits. They clearly were not overjoyed of  being in front of the camera. With Phil’s humour and relaxed approach, the family were soon laughing and enjoying the experience.

Alex was unfortunately in an accident a few years ago which left him paralysed. He did not want his wheelchair visible in every photo, which was no problem at all for us. With a little help from his mum and fiancee, Alex was able to sit in the tub chairs and also on the floor for some great relaxed shots. The shot they chose for their canvas was the four of them lying on their backs, which is shown below. This was a tricky shot for Phil as he had to get up the ladder and hang himself over the foursome. Thankfully he didn’t fall or drop the camera! It was worth it though as the canvas looked amazing.

This was a brilliant shoot, and a great experience for us working with Alex and his family incorporating the wheelchair in to the shoot. Our studio is located on the ground floor, with easy access and plenty of free parking in front of the entrance door.

If you would like to book a photoshoot, please get in contact.

PCP - Wheelchair Photoshoot-7PCP - Wheelchair Photoshoot-4PCP - Wheelchair Photoshoot-2 PCP - Wheelchair Photoshoot-1PCP - Wheelchair Photoshoot-3 PCP - Wheelchair Photoshoot-5 PCP - Wheelchair Photoshoot-6