BIG Family Portraits!

Big Family portraits, the really big ones that include granny, mum & dad, the kids, their children and aunts and uncles. I believe that these photo’s are the most important along side a new born baby and a wedding. Here is 5 reasons why this should be top of every families to do list once every 5 years.

1- It’s an achievement

Getting everyone in that big family portrait. Getting everyone together for one reason or another is fantastic, and you should always have a photograph to mark that occasion.

2- You’re the lucky ones

This can be a very lonely world for a lot of people, your big family portrait is a great way to remember how lucky you are to have people that are going to stick with you through thick and thin.

3 – It changes all the time

Ok so there is obviously a sad element to this, and that is people get old and leave us and some people get taken away from us before their time. I have a few people myself that I wish I had taken a photograph of, because they are not here anymore, and thats the really sad part. On a lighter note new arrivals lift the family up!

4 – It’s fun!!!

This one is a little photographer dependant, but going to the portrait studio to get your big family portrait taken should be a fun and pleasant experience. This is something that Philip Charles Photography is very passionate about. If I can take someone who absolutely hates being photographed and convert them, I feel very happy.

5- Memories

It’s not just a song from the hit Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. Memories that you can literally hang on the wall and look at, that is what a photograph is. Share it with your little part of the world!!!

Family Photo Shoots in Atherstone

Professional Photography Studio for Family Photo Shoots in Atherstone

Philip Charles Photography relocated their professional photography studio last year, June 2018, offering family photo shoots in Atherstone.

Established for over 10 years trading in Tamworth, we made the decision to relocate a couple of miles down the A5 to the lovely market town of Atherstone. Over the last 12 months we have welcomed many, many families of all ages and generations.

One recent family we had the pleasure to shoot was the Moreton family. Mum, dad and their 10 year old son came to update their family portraits. The session was great fun, and produced images that we are all really pleased with. Below are just a few of the images from their shoot.

If you would like more information on our family portraits, click here. To book, contact Phil and Vicky on 01827 215 707.



Large Family Photographs Specialist

Midlands Studio Specialist in Large Family Photographs

There are many excellent photography studios around the Midlands, but not all can accommodate more than 6 in one session. Located in the heart of the Midlands, the Philip Charles Photography studio specialises in large family photographs, comfortably shooting a group of 15.

At the start of the session, you will be welcomed to the studio and given sole use of our green room for leaving your belongings safely. Once the whole family has arrived, Phil will take you through to the studio, which is where the fun begins. With Phil’s wealth of experience and expertise he will set you up in different compositions to give you a good variety of images to choose from. Once the big family portraits have been shot, Phil will break the group down into smaller groups and combinations. For example, grandparents with all the grandchildren, parents and children, children only, couples etc…

At the end of the photo shoot session you will be invited to return to the studio a few days later for your presentation of images with Vicky. All of the photos are printed, rather than shown on a screen, which allows you to easily compare and choose your favourites. Below are a few of our large family portraits.

If you would like to book a family photo shoot session, you can call the studio on 01827 215 707, or scroll down to the enquiry form.


Father’s Day Gift Idea

This Father’s Day, Give Dad the Precious Gift of Family Portraits

Have you sat at your parents house enjoying a cuppa and thought, they really need to update that family photo taken over 10 years ago? This Father’s Day is the ideal time to treat dad to a photo shoot session with the whole family.

As families grow and the grandchildren arrive, grandparents really do cherish this time. They love coming to our studio to freeze this moment in time. Over the years we have welcomed many families, and returning families, to update their photos. All generations have come from newborn up to 100 years. Our studio can comfortably accommodate 15 adults, therefore we are sure to fit the largest of families.

During the photo shoot session, we also break the group down to smaller groups to capture all of the families. Making this a perfect time for not just for Dad to receive a photo of the whole family, but you can also update your own family pictures. Below are a few images from our recent shoots with all the generations.

If you would like more information on our family photo shoot session, please click here. To talk to us about booking a photo shoot session, please call us on 01827 215 707 or scroll down to the enquiry form. Gift vouchers are also available to purchase via our website, click here to view.


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Large Family Pictures

Large Family Pictures with the Inglis Family

Whether it’s for a special occasion or you just want to get the whole family together for a photo shoot session, the Philip Charles studio can comfortably shoot up to 15. Therefore, you can bring along the whole family from the oldest member to the youngest. We recently welcomed the Inglis family to the Philip Charles Studio to update their large family pictures.

All of the generations came along to capture their growing family. We started the shoot with the main shot of the whole family together in different set ups. We then broke it down into smaller family groups, the children and the couples. Once you become Mum and Dad, Grandma and Grandad, you often forget that you are a couple too. We always include couple shots in to our sessions to get lovely portraits of just the two of you. The Inglis family were brilliant to work with and embraced the whole experience. Below are just a few of the images from their shoot.

If you would like to bring along your family to a photo shoot session, please contact the studio on 01827 215 707, or scroll down to the enquiry form.

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Professional Family Pictures

Professional Family Pictures of all the Grandchildren

Just before Christmas, a couple were surprised by their children with a studio photo shoot session for professional family pictures. The session was booked for the two of them with all of their grandchildren.

The gift was extra special as some of the grandchildren live in New Zealand, and were in the UK for the first time in some years. On the day of the shoot, it was the first opportunity some of the cousins had seen each other. I am sure you can imagine how much excitement there was in the studio. It was lovely seeing the family together. With all the excitement still in the air (and that a curry was waiting at home for them all to enjoy afterwards), we cracked on with the session.

There were nine grandchildren and the grandparents. Every member of the family were brilliant to work with, allowing Phil to position them in every way he asked. Therefore, enabled him to capture a really good variety of images to choose from. At the viewing session, the grandparents chose their favourite image to be framed for pride of place on their wall. A truly special photograph for them to cherish for years to come.

Below are a few of the images to demonstrate our set ups. If you would like more information on family pictures, please click to visit our page. To book your photo shoot session, call the studio on 01827 215 707, or scroll down and complete the enquiry form.


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Large Family Portraits

Large Family Portraits of all the Generations

One of our favourite types of portrait photography is large family portraits. When large families come along to the studio, our creative streak comes out – in terms of our creative approach to capture everyones attention and enjoying the photo shoot experience, which in turn allows us to provide stunning photographs you are proud to display on your wall.

Once we have arranged everyone and all looking in the right direction, which can be a challenge in itself, we get that all important group shot. We do a few different set-ups as we always aim to provide a wide choice of images. Following the big shot, we break the family down to smaller groups. This can be of the smaller families, the children, and couples. Therefore, a great opportunity for everyone to update their family portraits, and again adding to the variety of images. The choice of different backdrops also offers a different type of photo.

Below are some images from a recent family photo shoot of 3 generations comprising of, the big family shot in different set-ups, smaller families of mum, dad and their children, and all the grandchildren together.  This was a lovely family, a real pleasure to work with.

To book your photo shoot session, call the studio on 01827 215 707, or scroll down and complete the enquiry form.

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