Family Photo Shoot, back from the lock-down

Family Photo Shoot, Junes were just on fire! Although we officially relaunched the Photography Studio in May following the second UK lock down, and also celebrated our 10 year anniversary in the same month, we knew it would take some time to gain momentum. June saw the start of that momentum and all I can…

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Family Portraits After Lockdown

Well, what a bizarre time it has been, and still being. Who would have thought in 2020 we would be in a global pandemic that caused the UK, and the world, to be in lockdown. As restrictions are starting to ease and businesses are able to open their doors again, we are now able to…

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Get The Family Together This Christmas

Christmas is a time for family (and of course lots of presents and yummy food), but most importantly sharing this time with your loved ones. As the kids grow year on year, capturing your family exactly as it is right now in a stunning family portrait is priceless. Phil’s absolute speciality is large family portraits.…

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Family Photographer Near Me?

Family Photographer

Did you search Family Photographer Near Me? I was recently doing a little research and not surprisingly google was still the place people go to when searching for a photographer. What I did find surprising was a lot of people search for “Family Photographer near me?”. This set me thinking… do we live in a…

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Autism Friendly Photo Shoot

Brother and sister photo

Getting a good photograph of all the kids all looking at the camera is a challenge in itself, as parents and photographers we know this too well. For a child with autism, this can be a very overwhelming and upsetting experience, especially if they are in a new environment and with people they do not…

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Brothers Photo Shoot Session

brothers hugging

We recently welcomed the Seabright brothers to the studio for a photo shoot experience. Mum had won a Family Photo Shoot gift voucher at their school’s Christmas fete, that we had donated to. The brother’s, aged 7 and 5, stepped out in front of the camera looking very dapper indeed in bow ties. Phil had…

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New Year, New Beginnings

January is notoriously a very quiet month for photographers, but January 2019 seems to have taken a busy turn for us – happy days! Here’s an update of what we (Phil and Vicky) have been up to. Taking Image Viewings to a New Level It’s taken some time, 2 years to be precise, but we have finally moved…

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Down syndrome photo shoot, a parents guide

Down Syndrome isn’t what makes it tricky, it’s the photographer…(and maybe the parents) Please raise your hand if you have ever thought, ‘family photo shoot that just isn’t going to work for us’.  OK I don’t think your alone. Pretty much any family with a child under the age of 14 has those thoughts.  To…

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Special Birthday Photo Shoot

Photo Shoot to Celebrate Family Special Birthday Year We recently welcomed the Essex family to the studio for a family photo shoot session, to celebrate their special birthday year. Both mum and dad turned 50 this year, and their daughter turns sweet 16. To mark this mile stone year, the family came for a photo…

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