Family Photographer Near Me?

Did you search Family Photographer Near Me? I was recently doing a little research and not surprisingly google was still the place people go to when searching for a photographer. What I did find surprising was a lot of people search for “Family Photographer near me?”.

This set me thinking… do we live in a world where we expect to find things on our door step or a world in which we don’t mind traveling some distance. The answer to this question seems as endless as time itself, many people will buy something on ebay and travel the length of the country to collect, but when it comes to a service they seem to want it a little closer to home. So I thought I would compile a list of all the things you should probably prioritise when selecting a good Family Photographer.

brothers hugging

Kids PhotoShoot

In the following order this is what you should look for in Your Family Photo-shoot.

1- Do I like the photo’s on the website? Seems fundamental doesn’t it, well I certainly think so. In actual fact if you read nothing else on this list then I would feel happy.

2-Is this going to be a fun experience with a personal approach? I meet a lot of people who tell me they hate having their picture taken, and after one of our family photoshoots tell me they actually enjoyed it. I have no objections to a victorian and military approach, but if you have youngsters then they may prefer someone who’s willing to blow the odd raspberry to get a giggle.

Family Photo Shoot
Family Photo Shoot Near Me?

3-What do I need to budget for products? Yes, the taboo subject of money. Good photography costs money, bad photography is cheap. As a word of advice save up a few penny’s before going to the studio. It will be worth it, these images are going to be hanging on the wall for decades. If you buy a family portrait for £300 and it hangs on the wall for 50 years you will have spent £6 a year on that photo. Thats about 2p a day.

4- How close is the studio to me? The last thing on my list, simply because a good photograph is worth travelling for. OK maybe not to far, but a half an hour drive is very little really.

You can always contact us, to learn more.

Family Photographer Near Me?

Autism Friendly Photo Shoot

Getting a good photograph of all the kids all looking at the camera is a challenge in itself, as parents and photographers we know this too well. For a child with autism, this can be a very overwhelming and upsetting experience, especially if they are in a new environment and with people they do not know.

When appointing a photographer, it is important to make them aware before the shoot that a member of the family is on the autism spectrum. Let the photographer know what their sensitivities are – does the session need to remain calm and quiet, are they sensitive to flashing lights etc… The photographer needs to gain their trust, so let them know subjects they like to talk about.

We recently welcomed the Cartwright family to the studio. Mum made us aware at the time of booking that her son has ASD. She mentioned that he loves fishing, which Phil is a keen fisherman himself. When they arrived at the studio, he was a little shy and not very keen to get in the studio. To give him time to get used to the studio environment, Phil chatted with his sister and got her excited about the shoot. Once he could see that his sister was comfortable and happy, he soon became involved. Throughout the session, Phil kept it quiet and calm. When asking him to get in different positions, if he wasn’t happy or keen, Phil altered the pose to how he was comfortable. The end result was a great set of images, that Mum was over the moon with. Here’s the review she left on our facebook page:

“I brought my 2 children here my eldest has ASD and Phil made sure the studio was quiet and calm he talked through everything with my son and managed to capture some lovely photos of both children.
Previous to the photo shoot I sent an email with my sons hobbies etc. So he knew exactly what to talk about with my son. Would highly recommend the studio and the photos were lovely. Thankyou”

If you are considering a family photo shoot session, click here to contact us.

Special Birthday Photo Shoot

Photo Shoot to Celebrate Family Special Birthday Year

We recently welcomed the Essex family to the studio for a family photo shoot session, to celebrate their special birthday year.

Both mum and dad turned 50 this year, and their daughter turns sweet 16. To mark this mile stone year, the family came for a photo shoot session for some beautiful family portraits. The session was really relaxed and great fun. When they returned to view their images, they selected a 4 image multi-frame that will take pride of place in their home.

Here are just a few of the images from their session. For more information on our photo shoot sessions and to book, call the studio on 01827 215 707, or click here to contact us.

Christmas Jumper Photo Shoot

Christmas Jumper Photo Shoot for Christmas Cards

To add that extra personal touch and fun this festive season, send your family and friends an awesome Christmas card with a photo of your clan in their Christmas jumper.

Christmas is a very popular time of year to update your family portraits, not only for yourself to cherish, but they also make very special Christmas gifts. This year, we are asking all of our families to bring along your Christmas jumpers for that fun, unforgettable photo for Christmas cards. You could make it a family tradition?

You will receive the full Philip Charles Photography experience, producing stunning photographs of your family. Incorporating a few shots with your festive outfits will make it all the more fun.

For more information on our Family Portrait sessions, please click here. To book your photo shoot session, call the studio on 01827 215 707 or click here to contact us.   

Update Your Family Portrait This Christmas

Family Portrait for Christmas Gifts

This Christmas, bring your family to the Philip Charles Photography studio to update your family portrait.

Not only do you get to place beautiful portraits of your family on your wall, the photos make excellent Christmas gifts for the rest of the family, especially the Grandparents.

During the one hour session, you will receive the full photo shoot experience, which is enjoyed by everyone, even the most camera shy, and the ‘I don’t like having my picture taken’ one’s amongst you. With a variety of coloured backdrops and Phil’s many years of experience, we will produce a stunning collection of images for you to choose from.  A separate changing is available, therefore you are welcome to bring a change of outfit. Maybe bring along a Christmas jumper?

Here’s just a few images from the Stephen’s photo shoot session.

To book your family photo shoot session, call Vicky in the studio on 01827 215 707 or click here. Booking fee only £20.


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