Baby Portraits

Baby Portraits Portfolio

We had the absolute pleasure of shooting this gorgeous little man for his portfolio of baby portraits. The images are for registering with model agencies, so keep an eye out for him.

At 6 months old, smiles were plentiful and also captured his great facial expressions. With different outfit changes, backdrops and poses, we created an excellent variety of images. Demonstrating versatility with professional images stands out to casting directors, giving you a great advantage when going for modelling work.

The shoot was great fun, with a short break to let the little man rest. After a little nap, he was ready to get going again. Below are just a few of the shots from the shoot.

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Family Portraits Welcoming Baby Sister

Studio Family Portraits to Welcome Baby Sister

We recently had the pleasure of shooting this lovely family to update their family portraits following the arrival of their baby girl. As you would imagine, the little one took centre stage, but standing by her baby sister was doting big sister.

I can honestly say, I don’t think I have ever seen a stronger bond between sisters. Throughout the shoot and image viewing session, big sister was there checking on her, and on hand to help. During the shoot, we shot a variety of set ups with the four, followed by a series of shots of the sisters together. This was a lovely shoot, with a lovely family capturing this very precious time.

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Baby Pictures

Beautiful Baby Pictures at 4 Months

Following the newborn stage, the next exciting development is around 4 months when your little one is able to lift their head when on their tummy and giving lots of smiles. Recording this stage with professional baby pictures is a beautiful way to capture this precious time.

This little beauty came to the studio at 16 weeks old. He was full of smiles and loved being on his tummy. With his years of experience, and being parents ourselves, Phil was able to get the biggest smiles. Therefore allowing us to capture great images.

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Baby Photography

Baby Photography at 3 Months

Our aim is to fill our studio with giggles and smiles. Our baby photography sessions are relaxed and fun. Capturing your little one’s growth through professional photography not only gives you beautiful photos to cherish forever, but the experience is also a time to be remembered.

We all know the difference a couple of months makes in a baby’s first year is immense. From newborn to 3 months, the difference is huge. We love photographing babies of all ages, but there is something really exciting and special about photographing at 3 months old. They enjoy time on their tummy which is a great pose. Also, the smiles and giggles are infectious. You cannot help but light up when you have a little one giggling away, especially when you have got your camera to hand to capture their little face – priceless.

This little man we had in the studio last week was an absolute joy. He was full of smiles and some of his expressions were a picture (literally). His gorgeous blue eyes are amazing! This was such a lovely shoot and we are so pleased with the results. Below are a sample of images from the shoot.

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baby-photography-10  baby-photography-6 baby-photography-9


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Newborn Portraits

Family and Newborn Portraits

We love seeing customers return, especially when they have a new addition in their family. We had the pleasure of taking Newborn Portraits for a lovely couple who we did their wedding photography in 2014.

Sarah and Neil were married 29 March 2014 at The Belfry, near Sutton Coldfield. It was a lovely day, and still clearly remember having a bet with Sarah. If I lost, I owed her a canvas – I lost! She never did claim her winnings, until now that it is. She contacted us to book a photoshoot for their first little bundle of joy, saying that they would not go anywhere else for these special portraits. I felt humbled and honoured. The lovely family of 3 came to the studio when the little man was 3 weeks old, which is a great time for newborn portraits. The studio was warm and cosy, and he was a little star and got some lovely shots. Once we got the newborn shots, we moved on to the family shots.

Such a precious moment capturing a new family, especially when I also captured their big day. This is what makes being a photographer all the more worth it, getting to know families and seeing them grow. Thank you to Neil and Sarah for allowing me to capture your most precious moments. Here are some the images.

If you would like more information of our Newborn and Baby Photography, please visit our page. To book your photo shoot session, call the studio on 01827 215 707, or scroll down and complete the enquiry form.

newborn-portraits-2  newborn-portraits-3  newborn-portraits-4 newborn-portraits-6 newborn-portraits-1

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