Newborn Twins Photography

We had the absolute pleasure of meeting Ben and Una’s precious new arrivals, twin boys Oliver and Harry, for their newborn photo shoot session. Ben and Una came to us in May for their maternity shoot, so we couldn’t wait to meet the little guys.

The boys are simply perfect, from their gorgeous little noses to their teeny tiny toes. Phil got the studio toasty warm for them and cracked on with the shoot. They were both so content, especially with each other. Whenever they were lay next to each other, they naturally put their heads together (even though a couple times is looked like Harry was trying eat Oliver, ha ha). Joking aside, you can already tell how close the boys are. 

The session was brilliant, and Phil got some beautiful shots. What certainly helped the session go so well was how calm and relaxed Ben and Una were. Babies pick up on stress and nerves, which makes them unsettled and worried. Mum and dad being relaxed makes baby relaxed as they know they are in safe hands. 

We would like to thank Ben and Una for choosing us, and can’t wait to shoot your wedding in September (this is certainly a busy year for them).

Below are just a few images from the shoot. If you would like to know more about our New and Baby Photoshoot sessions, click here to contact us.

From their maternity shoot

Newborn Photography

Preparation is Key

The set up and approach to Newborn Photography is very different to a family photo shoot session. Family sessions are lively, fun, and in many cases, rather loud. Newborn photo shoot sessions are to be kept very calm, relaxed and super cosy warm.

The key to a successful newborn shoot is the preparation, for both the parents and photographer. The ideal time to shoot a newborn is in the first 10 days. Baby is more content being naked, and less reluctant to wriggle out of position. If baby can be fed 30 mins before the session, this will (hopefully) make them sleepy, and then just need the odd top-up feed. Dressing the baby is also important, avoid clothing that goes over their head to reduce disturbing the baby. We always send out a guidance sheet to our parents before the session to help them prepare.

At our studio, we allow two hours for the photo shoot session, as baby will need some comfort and feeds. The ideal temp to heat the shooting space is approx 26 degrees celsius. Perfect for baby, a little warm for everyone else, so dress for the Bahamas. The key point for everyone involved in the session is to be calm and relaxed. Baby picks up on everyone’s emotions. Babies wee and poop, this is inevitable, so no need to worry about this. Note to parents – bring a change of clothes for yourself. Note to photographers – plenty of cleaning wipes.

Below are a few images from one our recent Newborn Photography shoots. For more details on our photo shoot sessions, please click here to get in contact.

Newborn baby sleeping

Baby Portraits

Baby Portraits Portfolio

We had the absolute pleasure of shooting this gorgeous little man for his portfolio of baby portraits. The images are for registering with model agencies, so keep an eye out for him.

At 6 months old, smiles were plentiful and also captured his great facial expressions. With different outfit changes, backdrops and poses, we created an excellent variety of images. Demonstrating versatility with professional images stands out to casting directors, giving you a great advantage when going for modelling work.

The shoot was great fun, with a short break to let the little man rest. After a little nap, he was ready to get going again. Below are just a few of the shots from the shoot.

For more information on our baby photography, click here to contact the studio.


Baby Portraits

10 Week Old Baby Portraits

We recently welcomed the Redman family to the studio for baby portraits of their 10 week old gorgeous princess.

She was a little star throughout the shoot, with lots of smiles and happy with her different outfit changes. We got the studio nice and cosy so she was comfortable with her ‘au-natural’ shots. Using different textures of blankets and throws, we created an excellent variety of images. Mum and dad also had a few shots too, which were stunning. Below are a few images from the shoot.

Baby photo shoot sessions are only £20. If you would like to book your session, please call Vicky and Phil on 01827 215 707, or scroll down to the enquiry form.


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Baby’s First Birthday Shoot

Photoshoot Session for Baby’s First Birthday

We recently welcomed the Rowe family to the studio for a family and baby photo shoot session to celebrate their little one’s first birthday.

The session was the day before her birthday and she was certainly full of big smiles. Mum and Dad had a few shots for their family portrait, but the main focus was on the birthday girl. They brought along a couple of outfit changes and her favourite teddy to incorporate in the shoot. Our tin bath was a firm favourite, and we got some great shots of her cheeky look.

A photo shoot session is an excellent idea for a special birthday and occasion. Mum and dad will always have these precious photographs of their little girl’s first birthday to cherish.

To book your family photo shoot session, either call the studio on 01827 215 707 or scroll down to the enquiry form.


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Newborn Baby Photos

Newborn Baby Photos including Parents

On 18th April, we welcomed the Theodosi family to the Philip Charles studio with their new arrival for a newborn photoshoot session. Newborn baby photos are a beautiful way to record the precious first few days, especially when you include the new parents.

For our newborn photoshoot sessions, we do recommend that the session takes place within the first 10 days. In these first few days, babies tend to be more supple and content being positioned into the newborn poses we all love. We welcome parents and siblings also into the shoot to capture beautiful portraits of the family together.

Below are some of the images from this lovely shoot. If you would like more information on our Newborn photoshoot session, click here. To book a photoshoot, you can call the studio on 01827 215 707  or scroll down to the enquiry form.


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Family Portraits Welcoming Baby Sister

Studio Family Portraits to Welcome Baby Sister

We recently had the pleasure of shooting this lovely family to update their family portraits following the arrival of their baby girl. As you would imagine, the little one took centre stage, but standing by her baby sister was doting big sister.

I can honestly say, I don’t think I have ever seen a stronger bond between sisters. Throughout the shoot and image viewing session, big sister was there checking on her, and on hand to help. During the shoot, we shot a variety of set ups with the four, followed by a series of shots of the sisters together. This was a lovely shoot, with a lovely family capturing this very precious time.

If you would like to update your family portraits, please call the studio on 01827 215 707 or scroll down to the enquiry form.


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Newborn Baby Photos with Big Brother

Newborn Baby Photos with her Proud Big Brother

On 29th March we had the pleasure of capturing newborn baby photos, with her very proud big brother.

The little princess came to us at 10 days old, which is the perfect time for a newborn photo shoot. In the first 10 days, babies are more likely to stay in the curled up position and are more sleepy, to give the perfect newborn poses we all love. For the little one’s comfort, we heated up the studio to 27 degrees. Therefore, we started with the shots of baby and her big brother. It was lovely to see how gentle and protective he already is over his little sister. Once we got the shots, big brother and dad stepped out of the studio to cool off.

Whilst they were enjoying the cool breeze, Phil got to work capturing the newborn images. She was a superb little poser and very content, just stopping for a couple of top up feeds and a cuddle. Below are few images from this lovely shoot.

If you would like more information on our newborn photography sessions, click here. To discuss your requirements and book a shoot, please call the studio on 01827 215 707, or scroll down to the enquiry form.


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Baby Pictures

Beautiful Baby Pictures at 4 Months

Following the newborn stage, the next exciting development is around 4 months when your little one is able to lift their head when on their tummy and giving lots of smiles. Recording this stage with professional baby pictures is a beautiful way to capture this precious time.

This little beauty came to the studio at 16 weeks old. He was full of smiles and loved being on his tummy. With his years of experience, and being parents ourselves, Phil was able to get the biggest smiles. Therefore allowing us to capture great images.

If you would like further information on our Baby Photography, click here to visit our page. To book your photo shoot session, contact the studio on 01827 215 707 or scroll down to complete the enquiry form.


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Newborn Photography

Newborn Photographer, Tamworth

On 22nd December, we met this gorgeous little lady, only 6 days old for her Newborn Photo Shoot session.

With Christmas fast approaching, Mum and Dad were keen to get in the studio to capture and record these precious first few days. We got the studio extra cosy and warm ready for the little one. You never know how a newborn is going to react to the experience. In some cases, maybe most to be honest, they do not embrace their first photo shoot experience. This little beauty was not very happy. However, after several feeds, changes, and lots of cuddles from mum and dad, we got the images for their newborn portraits.

The viewing session took place in the New Year, mum and dad came along with the proud Grandparents. It was lovely seeing all of their reactions to the beautiful photographs Phil had captured if their precious princess. Below are a small sample of the images.

If you would like more information on our Newborn and Baby Photo Shoot sessions, please visit our webpage. To book your photo shoot session, call the studio on 01827 215 707, or scroll down and complete the enquiry form.


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