Mum’s Family Photo Shoot Birthday Surprise

We all know how special our children are, but when they go out of their way to organise a special birthday surprise, it means so much more than words can describe. A couple of weeks ago, we received a photo shoot booking that was to a be a surprise for his Mum’s birthday.

His mum had mentioned on a few occasions that she would like to update the family portraits, as it had been around 10 years since they were last done. As the eldest is now in his early 20’s and sister in her teens, they had changed somewhat. The shoot was booked on the weekend of her birthday. They arrived at the studio, and finally told her what they had planned as they pulled up. Her initial thoughts on arrival as predicted ‘if I had known, I would have got my hair and make up done!’. She looked lovely as she was, and we had a lovely photo shoot with the 3 of them.

It was also our first time using a new backdrop, that was only delivered the day before. We weren’t sure how effective the brown would be, but with the lighting set up, we are really happy with the results, as were the family.

To book your photo shoot session, call the studio on 01827 215 707, or scroll down and complete the enquiry form.

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