Back in March 2016, Cath & John dropped in to the Philip Charles Photography studio to tell us a massive secret, and wanted our help as they announced their news to their family and friends. Needless to say we were intrigued and honoured that they came to us. We took Cath & John’s portrait photo at the New Years Eve Gala at Sutton Coldfield Ramada, they liked the photos so much that they chose us to be part of their celebration.

They had booked Nuthurst Grange for 07 May 2016 to make their announcement. They gathered all of their family and friends, not one of them knowing the reason. A video was played to the guests explaining why they were all there – Cath & John married in secret before Christmas in America in a HOT AIR BALLOON!!

Following the video (and lots of hugs, tears and laughter), everyone was ushered outside with a balloon to where we were waiting. We arranged everyone on the lawn for a mass balloon release in honour of their wedding venue. This was one of the most nerve racking moments of our photography life! Picture the scene – 80 guests all with a balloon each (no spares), only 1 chance to get the shot! We spent over an hour setting up, and loads of test shots. Once the group was arranged and providing clear instructions to release on the count of 3, not after, not before, actually on 3 (and final check that the lens cap was off), the balloons were released. It was all over in less than 3 seconds – phew, we got the shot!

Cath & John Low-1

Every guest received a mounted copy of the photo to take home. As we gave out the photo’s all of the guests commented on how good the photo was and how lovely that they received a copy.

We would like to thank Cath & John for choosing Philip Charles Photography, it was a real honour.

If you would like Philip Charles Photography to be a part of your celebration, whatever that may be, please get in contact.