Your Family, Your Story, Our Photography

Your family is unique, and you need someone that can listen and understand exactly how that needs to be shown in a family portrait.  We can cater from a 1 day old baby right up to groups of 20 people (and even the dog).  So you can include everyone or just someone in your family portrait.  Myself and Vicky understand that not everyone enjoys having their photograph taken, but we will bend over backwards and do cartwheels to make sure it’s as enjoyable as possible.

Tell us what you want, or let us guide you

Not sure what you want, well thats fine, don’t worry because Phil has a 101 ideas that you can use in your family portrait session.  If you have your own ideas though we can build these into your shoot and make it really unique.

Birthdays, Anniversaries, New arrivals

Sometimes your family portraits mark an occasion, and we think thats just great because with every great photograph there should be a great memory, not just the experience of the photo shoot but why you came to Philip Charles Photography in the first place.

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