Treasured Framed Photograph Restoration

One of Phil’s favourite projects (other than when he’s in the studio, of course), is photograph restoration. Bringing old and damaged photographs back to their former glory.

One of his latest restorations was of a portrait taken in the early 1900’s. The original photograph had been scanned a few years ago, enlarged and framed. Unfortunately over the years, the reproduced photograph had gone yellow. Wanting to use the same frame, our client left the original photograph with Phil to work his magic.

The original photo did have a crease. Carefully scanning the precious photograph, he removed the crease and matched to the original colours and tones. As the photograph was smaller than the print needed to be for the frame, he enlarged the image, without stretching or losing picture quality, to fit the frame.

When our client was presented with the finished frame, she was overjoyed. She has her precious photograph of her mum back up on her wall – it was very much missed whilst we had it.  Below is the before and after images of this beautiful photograph. You really don’t get photos like this anymore, which is such a shame.

If you have any old or damaged photographs you would restoring, please call the studio on 01827 215 707 or click here to contact Phil.