Old Photo Restoration Collage

Our most interesting and challenging project to date. Photo restoration of photographs dating back to 1908, printing duplicate copies and creating a collage for framing.

Our client approached us with a selection of photographs that she wanted copies of for her twin sister. As a birthday surprise for her twin, she also asked us to create a collage of the photographs that she could frame. The photographs were of their parents and them as children. We relished the challenge. Despite the age of the photo’s, they were in very good condition. Carefully, we scanned the original images and sympathetically restored them to keep the look. Below is the original scan and restored to show the comparison:

photo-restoration-3 photo-restoration-2

photo-restoration-4 photo-restoration-1

Once we had restored the images, we got to work creating the collage. Positioning the photographs was like completing a jigsaw puzzle. The mounting of the photographs was cut by hand, and done twice, one for each sister. There was literally blood, sweat and tears. A cut finger and a hot sweaty day, unfortunately ruined the first mount cut. We got there in the end. Our client was extremely happy with the finished product.