Dogs are so much more than just a pet, they’re a furry member of the family. Here at Philip Charles Photography, we love dogs, and we love being allowed to take photos of your four-legged friend. 


Whether your pet is big or small, we’d love to see them in our studio for a professional dog photoshoot. We specialise in pet photography and we have finely-honed skills in catching your dog at their adorable best. 


Our personalised dog photography is great for puppies and older dogs alike - and it’s a great excuse for us to enjoy some canine company for the day! 


A Fun Puppy Photo Shoot


That tiny bundle of fur won’t stay little for very long. Even small breeds soon lose their irresistible puppy appeal and begin to grow up fast!


Dog portrait photography is a great way of getting unforgettable images of your puppy while they are still young. We make it a fun occasion with props and backgrounds that will suit your dog and produce photos that make you smile. 


It’s about much more than just the photos though. We make puppy photo shoots a fun experience that you’ll love. 


By the way - don’t worry about little accidents or mishaps, we know that’s part of puppyhood and it’s never a problem! 


The Best Dog Photography


Most dog owners have a photo gallery on their phone that’s filled with pictures of their beloved pet. But have you noticed how tricky it is to get your dog at their best? 


Dark colours, the fur and the constant bouncing around can make it seem almost impossible to get a photo of your dog that does them justice. 


Our cutting edge software and years of expertise in photographing dogs means we can capture the photos of your pet that you’ve always wanted to see. 


Dog Photography By Dog Lovers


The secret to our success is that we’re both dog lovers ourselves. We have our own fur baby, a black Lab called Tildy. We’ve had plenty of chances to develop the very best techniques in canine photoshoots with our very own doggy model. 


We know that dogs don’t pose to order, so we don’t have a conveyor belt approach. Your dog can take as long as they need to get comfortable, sniffing around a new place and of course, getting to know us too! 


Everything in our studio is dog-safe, with ceiling-mounted lighting and no trailing cables to cause a problem.


We take a relaxed approach to dog portrait photography because we know when your pooch is playing and having fun, that’s when the most memorable pictures can be captured. 

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