Handbags at dawn… literally!  After receiving a call late on Thursday by a man I had never worked for before telling me that he was going to bring me 31 handbags and he needed the photographs ready to upload to amazon for friday lunchtime, I only had two thoughts Hoax or I’ll be taking photographs of handbags at 6am in the morning.

Never the less Sam from The Premium Leather Company bought me 31 handbags that day and explained how he had been let down by a photographer and how greatful he was that I was willing to push this job through for him.  He required strait forward single shot product photo’s on a plain white background produced at the amazon picture uploads requirements.

I met the deadline and received some great feedback from Sam, and it just goes to show that as a professional photography studio we are more than capable of living up to our promise of a 48hr turn around when it comes to product photography.

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