Get The Family Together This Christmas

Christmas is a time for family (and of course lots of presents and yummy food), but most importantly sharing this time with your loved ones. As the kids grow year on year, capturing your family exactly as it is right now in a stunning family portrait is priceless.

Phil’s absolute speciality is large family portraits. He can capture a large group of all ages, all looking in the same direction (that is a challenge in itself), and smiling! Add the family pet too, he’s up to it.

We recently welcomed the Worrall family to the studio. They wanted a portrait of them with all of their Grandchildren. How special and precious.

Grandparents and five grandchildren family portrait

The shoot was great fun and created not only the portrait of them all, we also captured portraits of them in smaller groups. These will be superb Christmas gifts for the rest of the family.

Thank you to the Worrall family for choosing us.

To update your family portraits and get your Christmas gifts sorted at the same time, give Vicky and Phil a call on 01827 215 707 or click here to send us a message.