Excellent Christmas Idea for the Grandparents – Fun Kids Pictures

Love this time of year as a Photographer, as the studio becomes lively with excited families getting ready for Christmas. The most popular photo shoot session is getting all of the kids together for a lovely photograph for Grandparents. Fun kids pictures are always a winning gift.

Last week, we had a family return to the studio for an updated photo of the grandchildren for Christmas gifts. This is something they do every year. They came to us last year and the eldest asked to come back this year. Needless to say, we were really chuffed that we made such an impression on the youngsters, also great to see them again. Couldn’t believe how much they had grown in a year. There were plenty of laughs during the shoot as Phil found out one of them loved Only Fools Horses.

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fun-kids-pictures-2 fun-kids-pictures-4  fun-kids-pictures-1

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