We are a family portrait photography business, we like to think we join that journey when people get married, with Vicky shooting the wedding day. Sometimes we get introduced to a family as part of a celebration such as a wedding anniversary or even the birth of a little one. One thing I can say as a family photographer is that my involvement with clients always revolves around a happy and inspiring times.

We are still booking weddings for 2021/22 via video call…

Needless to say that the out break of the Corona Virus has put a sudden and abrupt end (at least for the next few weeks) to us meeting or indeed continuing to serve our clients. It’s left us all with several jobs that we didn’t have before, home schooling and managing mental health are just a couple. For myself and vicky, we have about 75% more spare time as for the first time in a long time we are going to having Saturday and Sunday off! Watching the news is a little scary and has left me thinking that although this time has been forced upon us it’s also very precious as we adapt to a way of life know one could of imagined.

How do we move forwards as studio?

Well I’m considering this as more of a pause, after all with social distancing in place, taking a family portrait with multiple generations is just not on the cards. We are managing to keep Vicky’s wedding clients booking via video call, and of course trying to accommodate all those brides and grooms that are desperately trying to re-schedule.

Have something to look forward to and get the family together.

For the portraits we are talking a lot about welcoming customers back after things return to normal. We think that our gift voucher experiences will give us all something to look forwards to. I think when all this is done we will be thinking a lot more of our family, because the family in our home will be with us through this. But there is a lot of family that we can’t see or be with. I’m actually thinking we may be very busy after the lock down is lifted by many families who think it’s the ideal time to have a portrait session.