Family Photographer Near Me?

Did you search Family Photographer Near Me? I was recently doing a little research and not surprisingly google was still the place people go to when searching for a photographer. What I did find surprising was a lot of people search for “Family Photographer near me?”.

This set me thinking… do we live in a world where we expect to find things on our door step or a world in which we don’t mind traveling some distance. The answer to this question seems as endless as time itself, many people will buy something on ebay and travel the length of the country to collect, but when it comes to a service they seem to want it a little closer to home. So I thought I would compile a list of all the things you should probably prioritise when selecting a good Family Photographer.

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Kids PhotoShoot

In the following order this is what you should look for in Your Family Photo-shoot.

1- Do I like the photo’s on the website? Seems fundamental doesn’t it, well I certainly think so. In actual fact if you read nothing else on this list then I would feel happy.

2-Is this going to be a fun experience with a personal approach? I meet a lot of people who tell me they hate having their picture taken, and after one of our family photoshoots tell me they actually enjoyed it. I have no objections to a victorian and military approach, but if you have youngsters then they may prefer someone who’s willing to blow the odd raspberry to get a giggle.

Family Photo Shoot
Family Photo Shoot Near Me?

3-What do I need to budget for products? Yes, the taboo subject of money. Good photography costs money, bad photography is cheap. As a word of advice save up a few penny’s before going to the studio. It will be worth it, these images are going to be hanging on the wall for decades. If you buy a family portrait for £300 and it hangs on the wall for 50 years you will have spent £6 a year on that photo. Thats about 2p a day.

4- How close is the studio to me? The last thing on my list, simply because a good photograph is worth travelling for. OK maybe not to far, but a half an hour drive is very little really.

You can always contact us, to learn more.

Family Photographer Near Me?