The Future Mr and Mrs Priest’s Engagement Photo Shoot

On 13th November we had the pleasure of welcoming the future Mr and Mrs Priest to the studio for an Engagement Photo Shoot session.

They had won the photo shoot session at a local charity event as a raffle prize. Therefore, saw this as the perfect opportunity to get some great portraits of just the two of them together. The happy couple wanted fun, relaxed images, nothing formal, which is a good job as we never stopped laughing during the shoot. The funniest part was that the bride to be was reluctant to show her hand with her engagement ring. Turns out she had used fake tan without a glove and her hand was considerably darker. Once we had all composed ourselves, we did manage to tone down the colouring.

Below are just a few of our favourite images from the shoot. We wish the happy couple a wonderful wedding day in sunny Cyprus.

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