I have been hard at work in the Gym for most of this week! Unfortunately not working on reducing my wobbly bits but taking some great images for the health clubs new web-site.  Traveling to Wellingborough to work in Diana’s Health Club has been a real pleasure, all of the staff and PT team and coaches were fantastic,  and an asset to what a fantastic club this is.


I must say after learning that a photographer had already been on the job and not produced the results they were looking for I was a little apprehensive, but after day one realised that we were going to all meld together very nicely.  I was provided with a fairly comprehensive list of shots that were required, which I worked to thoroughly and added a good splash of my own ideas for good measure.

The results are sensational and I hope that they will really help to put this out standing Health and Fitness club on the map.


Comercial Photographer-1 Comercial Photographer-2 Comercial Photographer-3 Comercial Photographer-4 Comercial Photographer-5 Comercial Photographer-6 Comercial Photographer-7