Big Family portraits, the really big ones that include granny, mum & dad, the kids, their children and aunts and uncles. I believe that these photo’s are the most important along side a new born baby and a wedding. Here is 5 reasons why this should be top of every families to do list once every 5 years.

1- It’s an achievement

Getting everyone in that big family portrait. Getting everyone together for one reason or another is fantastic, and you should always have a photograph to mark that occasion.

2- You’re the lucky ones

This can be a very lonely world for a lot of people, your big family portrait is a great way to remember how lucky you are to have people that are going to stick with you through thick and thin.

3 – It changes all the time

Ok so there is obviously a sad element to this, and that is people get old and leave us and some people get taken away from us before their time. I have a few people myself that I wish I had taken a photograph of, because they are not here anymore, and thats the really sad part. On a lighter note new arrivals lift the family up!

4 – It’s fun!!!

This one is a little photographer dependant, but going to the portrait studio to get your big family portrait taken should be a fun and pleasant experience. This is something that Philip Charles Photography is very passionate about. If I can take someone who absolutely hates being photographed and convert them, I feel very happy.

5- Memories

It’s not just a song from the hit Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. Memories that you can literally hang on the wall and look at, that is what a photograph is. Share it with your little part of the world!!!