Weddings can be a dangerous place for photographers!

Picture the scene, you have a wedding party of 80 plus guests, and you need to get a group shot. The only way to do this is from height. The safest option (to a degree) is when we are at a hotel and can use a hotel room to hang ourselves out of the window – I did say to a degree it was the safest. When this is not an option, we use any means we can such as chairs, ladders, walls, cars etc….

Behind the scenes


We love it when wedding guests send us pictures they have taken of us taking their photo – if you get what I mean.  Here’s one we received from a wedding guest of Phil up on a wall in Lichfield City Centre.



Here’s another couple of shots of Phil in action – by the way, he does not like heights, so hats off to him for his passion to give the happy couple the images they desire from their special day. If you catch us in some rather unusual places / positions taking photos please pass on your shots to our facebook page or

Behind the scenes 1 Behind the scenes 2

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