Are Bridal Prep Photos for me?

When I am talking to couples about their wedding photography and the coverage they would like, I very often hear from Brides “I’m not sure if Bridal Prep photos are for me”.

This is a very personal part of your wedding and understandable that you may be thinking “I don’t want a stranger taking photos of me getting dressed” and “I’m going to be so stressed getting ready, I don’t need another person (photographer) adding to that”. To help with this question, with many years of capturing weddings, I have put together a brief outline of what is photographed whilst you are getting ready and what to expect from your photographer during this time.

The Dress, Shoes and Jewellery

When I first arrive, I like to photograph the dress, shoes and jewellery. Not only are these beautiful photos for you to look back on, this is the time to get used to your photographer being there.

Hair and Make Up

Your hair stylist and MUA have a job to do, your photographer should not get in the way of this. If struggling to get the shots during the actual application, I ask for a couple of posed shots after they are done.

Enjoy this time with your Bridesmaids

Getting in to your Gown

This is the moment you have been waiting for, stepping in to your beautiful gown. Personally, I do step out at this moment (for obvious reasons), but then come back in to capture the buttoning up and jewellery being placed. Warning, this is the moment the tears tend to start (and that’s from me).

The Reveal

The tears really are flowing now……

In a Nutshell

If you are considering Bridal Preps, speak openly to your photographer. Talk about your concerns and how they approach this important part of your day. Bridal Prep photos are not for everybody, so do not feel pressured by others, this is YOUR WEDDING.

I hope this article has helped and wish you all the happiness in the world on your special day.

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