This week saw me welcome to the studio Jason, who I have every belief is on his way to the stardom and what better way to launch his career than by updating his portfolio.  We have worked with several young people over the years and helped them to put together a good selection of images to help them stand out from the crowd.  Actors portfolios and head shots are the first hurdle into getting to casting sessions, along with a healthy CV we have had some great success in helping young actors.

I always try to get a broad range of photographs for younger actors, mainly to try and give them some scope on obtaining different roles.  If I can make someone seem a little older, a little younger, serious and happy then I feel this shows the individuals look in the most varied way.

Jason’s ambitions seem to lie in making it to the big screen, and has already stared in some west end productions.  All I can say is don’t forget me when you get to the top!  Good luck.

Actors Head Shots-1 Actors Head Shots-2 Actors Head Shots-3 Actors Head Shots-4