Way before the baby was born the studio was visited by a couple expecting their second child. A baby girl and were looking for a new born photo shoot. Not unusually the couple started asking about the kind of photographs we could provide, and what products would be available after the shoot. After being asked a few more unusual and detailed questions about the products, I must have been looking a little puzzled. The couple then revealed they had visited a studio with their first born. That studio was now closed for business and they really wanted to closely match the wall hanging product they had purchased from that shoot.

This is the image the customer sent me of the existing product.

After the couple sent me an image of the existing wall hanging product, I set about thinking how I could adapt what I usually do to incorporate the ideas of the couple, and also do a family shoot with all 4 people. To say I was getting a little anxious about it would be true. I was being asked to create images that were not my usual style, although they were not too far away from the type of work I was doing with babies about 10 years ago.

So the baby was born and the shoot date was set, I felt as prepared as I could be, and when the parents arrived it was obvious we shared some common anxiety about how the shoot would go. I have to say the family as a whole are all super stars, we were all committed and everything went really well. We managed to get all the shots we needed and also create the photographs of the brother and sister together as well as the family as a foursome.

In post production I was getting more and more excited because I knew that I had captured exactly what the customer had asked me to, and there is no better feeling than absolutely nailing a brief.

My own version

This just amplified to me the lengths myself and Vicky will go to, to make sure we are delivering what we are asked. I stepped away from my usual approach and had to think out side of the box. It was a great learning tool, and also has got me to thinking how we can get this across to our new customers. The great review this customer left on our Facebook page is a good start.  Here are a few of the other images from the shoot.